Alan Oliver Workboats

Boats and Plant

  1. Crane barge HOOD.
    Boat -----108ft x 19ft ----------- capacity 200 tonnes
    Crane ----Priestman 250 Lion ---- max jib --- 100ft, fly jib ---- 40ft.
    Ratings ---- depends on pontoon configuration, full ratings chart available.
    Special equipment ----- bow thruster and 11m long spud legs. Choice of grabs, digging, rehandling/dredging, scrap/stone.
  2. Crane barge CALDER.
    Boat ----- 80ft x 15 ft -----------capacity 50 tonnes.
    Crane ----Starlifter CX8T ---- telescopic crawler crane with 12.5m boom.
    Ratings ---- will lift 2.5 tonnes max without pontoons and 4 tonnes max with short boom and pontoons. Full ratings chart available.
    Special equipment ---- spud leg pontoon and piling frame for individual mooring piles.
  3. Crane barge GRAMPUS.
    Boat --------- 60ft x 14ft -------- capacity 40 tonnes
    Crane --------071 HIAB --------- capacity 2.5 tonnes, max. reach --- 6.9m.
    Special equipment ---- 6m long spud legs, hydraulic grab. Lifting frame for 1 tonne bags.
  4. Small canal tug GREBE. One of our most popular boats. Used as a tug, workboat, safety boat, survey vessel, ferry boat. Powerful engine and very manoeuvrable.
  5. Medium size river tug EXETER. Small Hiab on after deck.
  6. Narrow beam workboat DANE. Very low freeboard, useful for working at water level. Now equipped with small Hiab.
  7. Cog boat EDDIE. Small steel workboat, 20ft x 8ft, with inboard diesel engine, weighs 2.2 tonnes, easily road transportable on our lorry or twin axle trailer.
  8. Pioner Multi ODD JOB. High speed launch. Polypropylene construction with bow door/ramp and large outboard motor. A very popular boat as a safety boat/ ferry boat/ small workboat with a rated capacity of 1250 kg.
  9. 2 off dumb Hopper barges, specifically designed for push towing, capacity 140 tonnes each.
  10. 2 off small roll on pontoons, for machines of aprox. 10 tonnes.
  11. Catamaran pontoon, BD1, will support a MOVAX piling rig of aprox. 30 tonnes and can be used, with the spud leg pontoon, for individual piles and most particularly as a drilling rig.
  12. 5 off narrow hopper pontoons, all 7ft wide and of various lengths from 35ft to 55ft.
  13. Large number of DOCK PONTOONS. These are now very popular. They are basically like a giant Lego kit and can be built up to any configuration, particularly useful for access to bridges on remote waterways. An unusual advantage is that they can even be launched onto frozen water and slide over the ice. If the ice breaks then no problem --- just carry on !! We normally deliver them on our Hiab lorry but if the access is over rough remote ground we use a large twin axle trailer behind our 4WD vehicle. Usually a small safety boat/tug would come with them on the same lorry/trailer.
  14. 4 off safety/rescue/ferry boats. All polypropylene construction and light enough for two men to handle.
    With all our safety boats, large or small, we can supply a “Jasons Cradle” man overboard recovery ladder and an inflatable rescue sledge for work in shallow water and mudflats.
  15. 10 off outboard motors of various sizes.
  16. 300N piling hammer. A bit of a museum piece but still occasionally useful.
  17. 300 amp welding set. Diesel powered with 3 phase power outlet.
  18. Magic Weld 200 amp petrol driven welding set. Light enough for two men to easily carry ( or put in a wheel barrow )
  19. Various pumps, electric and petrol.
  20. Several generators, petrol and diesel.
  21. Fuel Cube fully bunded fuel bowser, 900 litres.
  22. HIAB lorry, 7.5 tonne GVW with Atlas hydraulic crane, for delivering our own equipment and especially the DOCK FLOATS.
  23. 3 off boat trailers, 2 x single axle and 1 x twin axle.
  24. 3 off launching trailers for small boats.
  25. We even have a small rubber dinghy for places with the most difficult access. Last used on the Manchester Ship Canal when the only access was down a very steep wooded embankment !!
  26. Small canal tug COMET ---- equiped for push towing. Large engine, very manoeuvrable. Very low headroom for passing under low bridges.
  27. Large mud hopper, capacity 180 tonnes.


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